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NEW!!! ISG is a leader by integrating technology with every cylinder it provides. Our new QR code provides you and your customers direct access to SDS and Certificates with the use of any smart device.

A trusted name in disposable cylinder calibration gas manufacturing. Our commitment to you is shown by our quality and service.

Tired of paying deposits and monthly rental charges? Try our lightweight disposable cylinders. They require no deposit or monthly fee, plus, you'll have the convenience and ease of handling those tough-to-get-at jobs. You no longer have to purchase large cylinders when smaller cylinders and quantities will better serve your needs.

Five standard disposable cylinder sizes are offered from "ISG": 103 Liter/1000PSIG, 58AL Liter/500PSIG, 34 Liter/500 PSIG, 29AL Liter/500 PSIG and 17 Liter/240PSIG. Our turn-around time is generally twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

The "ISG" standard of creating all of our mixtures gravimetrically provides the highest accuracy and repeatability. Our chemists routinely analyze these gas mixtures versus internal primary standards.

Transporting and storing your "ISG" calibration standards is easy with our two-cylinder case. Calibration kits are also available. Choose any combination of gas, regulators, or control valves to complete you kit.

Please call our TOLL FREE number 1-800-552-5003 for concentrations and pricing. Or email us at